NENA Meets the Standards

In November 2017, NENA completed the nonprofit review process and was awarded the prestigious The Accountability Standards® by the Charities Review Council verifying our commitment to upholding transparency, accountability and excellence.

The Standards serve as a framework for building celebrated and productive relationships between nonprofits, donors, and the general public. With these Standards, the Council builds a culture of philanthropy, where nonprofits and donors are engaged partners, working together for stronger communities.  The Standards create a common ground across the nonprofit sector, building a foundation of strength in our community.

Donors use the Standards as a way to assess the internal strength of the causes they care about and as a starting place for engagement and conversation with their favorite organizations. When donors are confident in their support of strong, trustworthy nonprofits, they are able to partner in authentic ways that advance the greater good.

Achieving the Accountability Standards was a part of the 2016-2018 NENA Strategic Plan. During the year and half preparation process, the NENA Board reviewed and updated its bylaws and over 25 policies and procedures. Visit NENA’s page at the Charities Review Council to learn more about NENA’s promise of accountability, transparency and excellence to our community, stakeholders and donors.

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