NENA General Membership Meeting – NRP Plan Modification and Bylaws Amendments (3/6)

Update:  The NENA General Membership Meeting on March 6, 2017, was a success!  NENA members voted unanimously to approve the proposed amendments to the bylaws.  Members also voted 43 to 1 to approve the NRP Plan Modification.

Background:  The NENA Board of Directors has scheduled a General Membership meeting on Monday, March 6, 2017, to present the next steps of the strategic planning process.  In December 2015, the Board passed the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan, and over the past year, has made significant progress.

As part of the Strategic Plan, NENA has developed a multi-year strategy for funding housing, commercial, streetscape, environmental and community engagement projects initiated by the neighborhood.  In March, the NENA Board will share with our community this funding strategy and ask for support from the community at the General Membership meeting.

Highlights include adding an additional $100,000 to NENA’s home improvement loan programs; housing and renter outreach programs, including the new NENA Curb Appeal Matching Grant Lottery; green initiatives such as the new 50th Street Monarch and Pollinator Corridor Project and the Minneapolis Monarch Festival; community development projects in partnership with the Nokomis East Business Association and local businesses; and continued funding for neighborhood favorites such as the Annual Nokomis East Garage Sale Day and Nights out with NENA.  Join us to learn about what NENA has planned for the upcoming years to benefit our neighborhood.

As part of NENA’s multi-year funding strategy, the NENA Board is also recommending a NRP Plan Modification to move $115,000 to Environmental Programming and $25,000 to Community Development Programming.  These funds will be reallocated from over-funded program areas including Housing Initiatives, Environmental Initiatives – Tree Planting, Community Engagement Initiatives and Staff Support.  The Plan Modification requires minor language changes to allow for an expanded programmatic use of NRP funds.

NRP Plan Modification Handout

In addition to the NRP Plan Modification, the Board will present proposed amendments to NENA’s Bylaws.

All residents, businesses and property owners in the four Nokomis East neighborhoods are strongly encouraged to attend on March 6, 2017, and help NENA plan for the future.   Both proposals require a vote and approval from the General Membership.

NENA General Membership Meeting
Monday, March 6, 2017
6:30 – 8 p.m.
Morris Park Recreation Center – 5531 39th Avenue S.

Questions?  Contact NENA’s Executive Director Becky Timm at 612-724-5652 or

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