NENA Annual Meeting & Community Meal

This is your neighborhood. This is your opportunity. This is your time to get involved.

NENA is a community-based nonprofit organization serving four unique, welcoming neighborhoods with over 14,700 residents and dozens of businesses in the southeast corner of Minneapolis. NENA is dedicated to bettering the quality of life and building a sense of community pride by sponsoring actions that help our environment, businesses, and homes.

Each year neighbors from all over Nokomis East gather for this annual event, coming together to make their neighborhoods a better, stronger and healthier place to live. Nokomis East’s 2022 Annual Meeting will provide updates on what the organization has been working on and the plans for the future. It’s an opportunity for members of our community to get involved.

At the annual meeting, the Nokomis East community will vote for seven Board of Directors seats. NENA will offer a variety of ways to get involved and vote for your community leaders, including a candidate guide and voting online or by phone.

2022 NENA Annual Meeting & Community Meal
Thursday, April 28, 2022
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Crosstown Covenant Church (5540 30th Avenue S.)
Meal provided by Dominquez Family Restuarant
Current COVID Protocols will be Observed

On the Agenda

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