Lead Poisoning Prevention

Lead Poisoning is 100% Preventable. Keep Your Home Healthy and Lead-Safe.

In 2019-2020, NENA is teaming up with Hennepin County to provide resources to Nokomis East homeowners and renters about preventing lead poisoning in your home, free testing for kids under six, and promoting the Hennepin County program for free home lead assessments and access to grants up to $10,000 for qualified households.

Don’t Wait to Make Your Home Lead Safe
You may qualify for a free home lead assessment and up to $10,000 to help fix lead hazards in your home, like replacing old windows. Eligibility Requirements:
– Your home or rental property was built before 1978
– A child under the age of six lives at your home or rental property
– Household meets income requirements

Eligibility Survey Link

What to Expect from Screening Events:
– A small sample of blood is taken via a capillary finger stick, which feels only temporarily uncomfortable, like a quick pinprick.
– Samples are processed on-site through a LeadCare machine, which gives you results after 3 minutes.
– SRC offers information about the health effects of lead poisoning, where lead might be in your home, and give you information about our grant programs, which can help you remediate lead hazards in your home.

Resources on Lead Poisoning, Prevention & Lead Safe Homes:
Hennepin County – Information & Grants
City of Minneapolis – Information & Grants
Sustainable Resource Center – Information, Testing & Grants
State of Minnesota – Information & Remediation Contractors


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