Conversation Kit from the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

21-Day Group Conversations on Race Planning Kit
A Project of NENA’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee

After the 2020 murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police and the Uprising, the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association (NENA) formed a DEI Committee to support residents working to change the oppressive systems burdening many of our community members. The Committee offers this Conversation Kit to Nokomis East residents to form their own groups and start exploring the complicated system of white supremacy, white apathy, and racial oppression.

Our project concepts are borrowed from the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge. The DEI Committee conducted its own challenge in November 2020 and found it to be beneficial to learn more about racism and white supremacy through reading daily articles and online discussions with community members. The Committee discussed how to share this project with our community and offer this Conversation Kit.

Group Formation Basics

  • One-two people volunteer to organize a group by using this Planning Kit.
  • Determine the best format for the group (See Conversation Platforms).
  • Determine how long the group will last, the frequency of activity, and the amount of activity required by each group member.
  • Determine the Conversation Focus.
  • Using the Invitation Letter, recruit about six-ten people to commit to the group.
  • Schedule and Plan the first Conversation.
  • Set Group Rules & Norms
  • Notify NENA of your group formation. We are here to support you!
  • Share your experience and feedback with NENA so we can add to this document for future groups.

Conversation Platforms
Each Conversation Platform has benefits and challenges. We suggest picking the format that you are most familiar with and recruit group members who are likely to use the format. The pairing of platforms also works (ie – video calls and a Google doc). We would like to hear from you about your experiences with the platforms to add to this document for future groups.

  • In-Person (As allowable under COVID-19 Safety Guidance)
  • Video Calls (Zoom, Google Chat, Messenger, Duo, Skype)
  • Google Doc
  • Facebook Group or social media platform
  • Slack / Microsoft Teams

The Committee created a Facebook Group for our Conversation Group. We did a traditional 21-Day Challenge with each group member responsible for posting a daily article. Below is feedback about the platform:

Facebook Group Advantages Challenges
Other Comments:

  • We did not set Group Rules and Norms. Posting comments felt uncomfortable because we did not know each other well and did not discuss safe space concepts.
  • 21 days straight of dense articles was tiring. Needed more time to digest and discuss.
  • Wish we had scheduled video discussions to learn more from each other through conversations.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to post and share articles.
  • Space to put comments.
  • The start of a limited community building
  • Not everyone is on FB. Some oppose being on the platform.
  • The articles were amazing but dense. We missed having a live conversation with each other.
  • The comments posted for each article were disjointed and not really a conversation. 
  • Did not get group notifications, so forgot about the project and posts for several days. 

Group Logistics & Conversation Focus

  • Who – This project is ideal for neighbors, block clubs, parent groups, communities of faith, etc. in the Nokomis East community. 
  • When – Options – Pick a regular day and time to meet, or suggest a time for the first gather a pick a time together.
  • Where/How – Options – Meet in-person or pick an online platform. Proposed COVID-19 modifications for your gatherings and invite group suggestions.
  • Conversation Focus – Options – Check out the options below or gather the group and invite topic suggestions.

Learn About Intersectionality

Article and Discussion Topic Ideas
Here is a list of articles, resources, and topic ideas from the DEI Committee to start your group off right:

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