Nokomis East Renter Support Fund

NENA is excited to be teaming up with the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA) to raise funds in 2023 for direct rental support for Nokomis East renters!

Since 2019, PPNA has been raising and distributing funds to improve housing stability by providing direct rental assistance to cost-burdened renters across Minneapolis.

Our intention is to support, at minimum, 20 renters through this program, though we know, with your help, we could reach more. 

Selected applicants receive $900 in rental assistance. Renters can choose either three monthly payments of $300 or a one-time payment of $900. Renters can choose to receive payments via PayPal or a mailed check. 

Applicants are selected through a randomized lottery and there are no restrictions on how selected renters can spend the money. Renters are not required to document or report how they spend the money, and renters are not required to repay the funds. It is a goal of this program to provide a low-barrier, flexible, and efficient program for our neighbors to access   much needed assistance.

Renters who will be eligible to apply for our program:

  • are 18 or older
  • live in one of the four Nokomis East neighborhoods,
  • spend 30% or more of their income on housing costs, and
  • have not received Renter Support Fund funding that calendar year

In 2022 PPNA was able to fund 52 renters, 73.1% of which were BIPOC, benefitting 141 people including 68 children. 100% of renters said that the funds made a difference, allowing them to pay rent, bills, or other expenses. There were over 1650 applicants to PPNA’s program that year, including many in the Nokomis East area.

NENA will be responsible for raising the funds to reopen this program and PPNA will then be responsible for the administration and distribution of rental support for a very nominal fee (9%) to cover expenses. 

All funds raised at NENA sponsored events in 2023 will be directed towards this fund starting with our Annual Spring Food Truck Rally April 22nd.

If you own a business and would like to sponsor this program please contact our Executive Director, Brandon at

Individuals can donate here either as a one time or sustaining donor here.

Recipients of these funds have the option of filling out an exit survey, here are some of the responses that PPNA has received from this program:

“The renter support fund helped me to catch up and maintain my current housing situation and allowed me room to begin exploring options to become a small business owner!”

“Helped me catch up on bills I was behind on due to testing COVID positive and the birth of my baby.”

“This was a life saver for my family. I lost my job and my fiancé lost her job 2 weeks after, both without unemployment options…and now we both got back on our feet with this rent support! We both have new jobs and still have a ton of debt and are still drowning and scared but we are much more stable and are very grateful.”

“It helped me stay afloat.”

“[The Renter Support Fund] helped me in a time where all I was hearing was ‘no’. It gave me some time. Thank you!”

“[The Renter Support Fund] allowed me to catch up for a moment even with other bills and not be concerned about immediate eviction.”

“Everything was so streamlined, easy, and stress free. I was really nervous that it would be an extra stress or headache to apply but the accessibility and equity of the program made me feel so comfortable with applying, it could not have been better.”

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