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Box Wrap Photo Contest

Get your photo on a Nokomis East utility box! Submit your photo entries by Friday, July 26th to lauren.hazenson@nokomiseast.org.

NENA is looking for great photos of people, places, and things in the Nokomis East area that will be used to decorate utility boxes throughout our neighborhood. A total of seven photos will be chosen by a panel of your neighbors.  

Submit photos with one of the following themes:

  • Celebrating the rich culture and diversity of our community.
  • Our relationship to nature and the environment.
  • Getting together with friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Getting outside and playing!


  1. All photos are welcome whether they are artistic or taken by a novice.  
  2. Photos must be of places in the Nokomis East area. 
  3. Entries must be original work. 
  4. If individuals or small groups of people are featured prominently in the photo you must have permission from them to submit the photo. If the people in the photo are in large crowds or off in the distance you do not need their permission. Use common sense!
  5. Photographs must be in digital format. All digital files must be 25 megabytes or smaller and must be in one of the following formats (.jpg, .tiff, .png, .eps).
  6. Photos must be at least 3000 pixels wide (if a horizontal image). Photos in landscape in landscape orientation work best.   

Questions? Send them to Program and Communication Manager Lauren Hazenson at lauren.hazenson@nokomiseast.org.


How many photos can I submit? 

Please submit no more than 5 photos.

Can I use my phone camera or do I have to use a fancy camera? 

Of course you can use your phone! Those phone cameras are pretty fancy these days. 

My files are too big and my email won’t send them. What do I do? 

Our email system can only handle file sizes smaller than 25 mb. If you’re sending multiple photos send them in separate emails. 

What kind of photos work best for utility boxes? 

High resolution photos in “landscape” orientation. This photos will be greatly enlarged and wrapped around a utility box so more pixels the better! 

How will photos be chosen? Who will chose them? 

NENA’s Housing and Commercial Streetscapes Committee will pick the best photos from all the categories. 

The Housing and Commercial Streetscapes Committee sounds fun, how do I join? 

Yes, please join us! More information on the HCS Committee can be found here.

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34th Avenue S Reconstruction Project Tracker

The City of Minneapolis is reconstructing 34th Avenue S between E. Minnehaha Parkway and E. 58th Street. The 1.37 mile project is scheduled to occur over the course of the 2019-2020 construction seasons and consists of improvements to the roadway, sidewalk and utilities. During the majority of construction, local access to homes and businesses will be maintained.

The 34th Avenue S reconstruction project began early in 2019, with final clean (repair of defects, final tree plantings, etc.) in 2020. The project timeline was shifted to limit the overlap with other projects in the area and reduce the total amount of construction time.

The project includes complete removal and replacement of the pavement surface, curb and gutter, storm drains, driveway approaches, some sidewalk, and new trees and sod. Once the removals and underground utility work is complete, the new asphalt pavement can be placed.

Visit the City of Minneapolis 34th Avenue S Project Page

For more information and questions, please contact the City of Minneapolis Public Works Staff: Menbere Wodajo at Menbere.Wodajo@minneapolismn.gov or, 612-673-3716.

For Businesses: 
Our construction activities are likely to cause you some inconvenience, but we are hopeful that you will be patient and understanding as the work progresses. For our part, we will do our best to keep these inconveniences at a minimum.

For Homeowners:
To install new curb and gutter, driveways, and sidewalks we will need to excavate within the City right of way. Please note that the City right of way extends beyond the back of the existing sidewalks.  After we complete this work we will remove our construction debris and place new topsoil and sod where it was disturbed. We plan to place sod in the fall of 2019.  Any private lawn sprinkler systems, decorative carriage walks, special flowers, bushes or other decorative lawn items in the City right of way are the responsibility of the property owner. If you have concerns or questions regarding your specific property, contact Menbere.

01/30/18 Community Input Session #3
City Presentation

01/25/17 Community Input Session #2
City Presentation

11/28/16 Community Input Session #1
City Presentation
Project Fact Sheet

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NENA Launches a New Business Grant Program

NENA is offering two new grants for Nokomis Area businesses: the Marketing Matching Grant and the Business Partnerships Grant.  The goals of these grant projects are to provide support for Nokomis East business districts, encourage business partnerships, and increase local customer traffic to our businesses.

Nokomis East Marketing Matching Grant
Businesses seeking to update their branding, website, marketing, or looking to attract more customers can apply for up to $2,000 for their project.  This grant matches $2 for every $1 spent by the participant.

Nokomis East Business Marketing Matching Grant Guidelines

Business Marketing Matching Application 2017

Nokomis East Business Partnership Grant
Two or more Nokomis East businesses that seek to engage in a short or long-term marketing or public engagement partnership can apply for up to $5,000 in matching funds.  This grant matches $2 for every $1 spent by the participant.

Nokomis East Business Partnership Grant Guidelines

Nokomis East Business Partnership Grant Application

Contact Program and Communication Manager Lauren Hazenson at lauren.hazenson@nokomiseast.org for more information.

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Welcome to Nokomis East!

NENA Mission Statement:
To better the quality of life and build a sense of community pride by sponsoring actions which help our environment, businesses and homes.

Illustration created by Megan Moore

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