South Minneapolis Green Fair

Saturday, April 13th 12 – 4 pm
Roosevelt High School, 4029 S 28th Ave

A free, family-friendly event for an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Visit with environmental organizations and groups, listen to special presentations, and get your questions answered in a friendly atmosphere. Hosted by Nokomis East Neighborhood Association, Longfellow Community Council, and Standish Ericsson Neighborhood Association.
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All Energy Solar
Big River Farms (The Food Group)
Center for Energy and Environment
City of Minneapolis Public Works: Surface Water and Sewers
City of Minneapolis- Solid Waste and Recycling
Community Power
Gutters to Gardens
Hennepin County Master Gardeners
Hennepin County Environment and Energy
Junket: Tossed and Found
Mama Terra Gardens
Metro Blooms
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
Minneapolis Toy Library
Minnehaha Creek Watershed District
MN Plug-In Vehicle Owners’ Circle (MNPEVOC)
Nice Ride
Roosevelt High School Culinary Arts Program/Urban Farm
Sunny Day Earth Solutions
SunShare Community Solar
Tare Market
Transition Longfellow
Tech Dump
WildOnes Twin Cities


Metro Blooms

How to Create a Resilient Yard

Learn the basics of creating a yard that is resilient in the face of climate change. We will talk about reducing runoff through rain gardens, incorporating native plants, and improving soil health. 

Junket: Tossed and Found

Boomer Downsizing Strategies: Do The Most Good

As boomers reach retirement, millennials embrace minimalism, and retailers spit out an ever-increasing barrage of product, those getting ready to downsize face a harsh reality: stuff isn’t worth much, demand is weak, and estate liquidators have become strategic about which clients they accept, leaving many seniors – and their families – to deal with decades of emotionally charged accumulation on their own. Our objective is to help empty nesters know what to expect and how to plan for a major life transition in order to have the most positive experience and most successful outcomes possible. You’ll leave the event with a clear understanding of the stages involved, solutions for each stage, and a list of resources, contacts, and strategies intended to help you keep as many of your treasures out of the trash as possible.

Dreaded Inheritance: The Crowded House

Are you freaked about the idea of inheriting your parents’ lifetime accumulation of stuff in the not-nearly-distant-enough future? Our objective is to help second generation family members anticipate, and be aware of a series of issues and stages common with this major life transition. This workshop has a specific environmental angle: we’ve seen too many families default to filling a rolloff (or four) only to deal with the emotional aftermath of intensified regret: the throwing away of truckloads of useful things that belonged to important people is something we want to help you avoid.

Presenter Bio: Julie Kearns is best known as the creative force behind the Minneapolis-based social enterprise known as Junket: Tossed & Found, and is widely credited with having led the revitalization of formerly-blighted Minnehaha Avenue into a destination district for all things sustainability and reuse. With more than half a decade’s insight into how accumulations of ‘stuff’ created guilt, pain, and stress for guests at her one-time shop, Julie has grown passionate about helping people adopt new & healthier relationships with material goods. Julie is equal parts strategic change agent, engaging storyteller, creative force, intuitive entrepreneur, and energetic mama. In her spare time, she may be found furiously typing, biking/hanging with ten-year-old Meridel, or living it up with the other grade school moms.

Dan Schultz

Creating a Backyard Habitat

Presentation Description:
Dan will describe Greater Longfellow’s efforts to become a Certified Community Wildlife Habitat by 2021.Learn how you can make a difference by helping wildlife and your community at the same time! Dan will describe lawn and garden techniques for making a yard wildlife friendly, and share practices to help you enjoy and connect with the birds and butterflies in our own backyards.

Presenter Bio:
DANIEL SCHULTZ, National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat Leader. In 2009, hearing Douglas Tallamy talk about his book “Bringing Nature Home,” it became clear that the cherished woods and wildlife of the U.S. were in peril, and something had to be done about it. Dan trained as a Master Naturalist volunteer, and thanks to buckthorn pulls at local and regional parks, the poor quality of even our few remaining wild spaces became evident. He is currently leading an effort to encourage everyone to make their yards wildlife friendly and to register as Certified Wildlife Habitats through the National Wildlife Federation. By re-connecting people to nature in their own backyards, the world can be a better place for humans and wildlife.

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