Meet the Board Candidates and Vote at the NENA Annual Meeting (4/27)

NENA is a growing community-based nonprofit organization serving four unique, welcoming neighborhoods with over 14,600 residents and dozens of businesses in the southeast corner of Minneapolis. NENA is dedicated to bettering the quality of life and building a sense of community pride by sponsoring actions which help our environment, businesses and homes.

This is your neighborhood. This is your opportunity. This is your time to get involved.

On Thursday, April 27, 2017, neighbors from all over East Nokomis gather at our Annual Meeting, coming together to make their neighborhoods a better, stronger and healthier place to live.  Nokomis East’s Annual Meeting will provide updates on what the organization has been working on and the plans for the future. It’s an opportunity for members of our community to get involved.

At the Annual Meeting, NENA will hold elections for the Board of Directors for 10 open seats – neighborhood and at-large representatives. NENA Members – like you – vote on our organization’s leaders.  Take a moment to learn more about the candidates and who you would like to cast your vote.

Meet the Board Candidates:

Keewaydin – 3 Open Seats
Edward Hugener
Corey Mabis-Rowe
Daniel Mitcham
Larry Ouellette *
Ian Turner Baebenroth

Minnehaha – 1 Open Seat
Jack Dickinson
Katie Sheetz *
Aaron Weiss

Morris Park – 1 Open Seat
Domonique Gilmer
Dave Larson *

Wenonah – 2 Open Seats
Elizabeth Brophey *
Mark Keeler *
Katie Stockman
Tina Wong

Current Board Member *

Nominations accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting.  All seats are two-year terms, except the two Keewaydin seats and one Wenonah seat are one-year replacement terms.   All candidates, not elected to Neighborhood Seats may run for an At-Large Seat (3 Open Seats, All NENA members can vote).   Learn more about Serving on the NENA Board.

Looking for more information, please contact NENA’s Executive Director Becky Timm at (612) 724-5652 or

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