NENA Welcomes New Morris Park Board Member

In November, Lisa Sanmartin of Morris Park was appointed to fill a recently vacated seat on the Board of Directors

Lisa has been a Morris Park resident for 15 years, and during this time, she has been active and has a genuine concern for our neighborhood and maintaining a sense of community. She appreciates genuinely knowing my neighbors and considers herself a resource for neighbors to turn to.

According to Lisa she, “takes full advantage of our trail systems by running, walking, bike riding. I also encourage my kiddos to take advantage of our park in turn, safety is of concern to me. Ensuring our kiddos feel safe is essential for play and activity.”

As a NENA Board member, Lisa will “be a voice for the neighborhood. My hope is to help create awareness and grow our community by creating meaningful relationships and listening to needs and concerns of others.”

We are glad that Lisa has joined the NENA team!

Click here for information about serving on NENA’s Board.

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