Green Fair Presentation: Backyard Heroes

1:30 -2:30 pm presentation

Presentation Description:

Soil health is connected to pollinator, water, and climate health.  People can intuitively recognize when they’re looking at a healthy space and when they’re seeing an unhealthy environment.  We look bee lawns, rain gardens, food forests, and pollinator patches to discover how we can all be heroes in our own environment. We’ll start by exploring soil from the microbes up and learn how to protect the life support system for all life on Earth, our soils!

Presenter Bio: Russ Henry

As the president of Minnehaha Falls Landscape & Giving Tree Gardens, and the founder of Bee Safe Minneapolis, Russ Henry has been protection and growing ecosystems across Minnesota for decades. Together his landscaping and garden companies install, manage, and restore hundreds of properties throughout the Twin Cities without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Russ has a soil-health based approach to all his work. As a certified Soil Life Consultant, he scientifically explores and supports soil health, the foundation for beauty and productivity in all landscapes.  As an activist and educator, Russ advises individuals and organizations who want to grow healthy ecosystems.

Recently, Russ was named as the Chair of the Pesticide Advisory Committee for the Minneapolis Park Board.  In this role Russ continues to advocate for public and environmental health through pesticide elimination and ecosystem regeneration.

Enchanting landscape designs, clean water, compost, urban farming, healthy food access, pollinators, soil health, rain gardens, native plantings, are all part of Russ’ work both through his companies and through his ongoing advocacy.

Learn more about Russ’ work at:

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