Gardens & Pollinators

NENA is proud to support two community gardens in our neighborhoods.

Nokomis Naturescape
The Naturescape is an official Monarch Waystation and National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat site located on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis at 50th St. and Nonskomis Parkway and is part of the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board system.  Before 1850, the uplands of what is now Minneapolis were covered with prairie grasses, wildflowers, and scattered oak trees. This oak savanna plant community has become very rare, with only 1/10th of 1% of Minnesota’s original savanna remaining. The Nokomis Naturescape project – a 4-acre native planting – brings back a glimpse of this ecosystem and provides urban residents with a model of sustainable landscaping. The Nokomis Naturescape Gardeneers are winners of the 2015 Remarkable Volunteer Service Award by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

Nokomis East Gateway Gardens
Located at the corner of East 50th Street and Old Hiawatha. It’s kiddie corner from the Minnehaha station on the Hiawatha LRT line.   Gateway Gardens was designed pro bono by the landscape architecture firm of colberg|tews to resemble a Monarch butterfly wing when seen from an aerial view. Planted in October of 2010 using all native plants, indigenous to the region including a Bur Oak to represent the Oak Sgatavanna found in this area centuries ago. Metro Transit provides the site and additional support. Gateway Gardens is maintained by neighborhood volunteers. Everyone is welcome to volunteer and visitors are encouraged.


Minneapolis Monarch Festival
Saturday following Labor Day – September 9, 2017.  Join butterfly, music and art lovers from all over the Twin Cities for the 8th Annual 2016 Minneapolis Monarch Festival-Festival de la Monarca™. Filled with music, art activities, games, food and more, the day offers many fun ways for people of all ages to learn about the monarch butterfly and its amazing 2,300 mile migration from Minnesota to the mountains of Michoacán, Mexico.

NENA Pollinator Workshops
Each year, NENA volunteers offer educational workshops such as the very popular Grow Monarch Habitat Workshop on May 20, 2017, and the Milkweed for Monarchs workshop in October.  Check the NENA Community Calendar for dates and registration information.

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