Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Committee

Interested in working on housing, economic development and streetscape issues in our community?  Come to a committee meeting and check it out.  All residents, property owners, and business owners and employees of the Nokomis East neighborhoods can join NENA committees.

Joining means you attend committee meetings, design projects and implement strategies to make our community even better!

Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Committee Meetings – All Are Welcome!
First Wednesday of the Month
6:30 – 8:30 pm
NENA Office – 4313 E. 54th Street
More information: housing@nokomiseast.org
Committee Minutes

Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Information Links:

NENA Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Committee Charter
The Nokomis East Neighborhood Association (NENA) Board of Directors approved the creation of a standing Housing, Commercial and Streetscape Committee.

Fulfilling a Need
In order to more effectively serve members, NENA must be proactive in the utilization of the resources allocated to NENA for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing our housing and commercial stock.

Mission Statement
The mission of the NENA Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Committee is to provide services to NENA members and NENA Board of Directors and staff to ensure the furtherance of Nokomis East Neighborhood Association’s organizational goals for our housing and commercial stock.

High Level Goals
The initial high level goals of the NENA Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Committee are as follows:

  • To advise the Board of Directors, staff, committees, and members with regards to NENA’s housing, commercial and Streetscape program.
  • To maintain and improve the housing stock in the neighborhood.
  • To coordinate and seek solutions to issues related to housing and commercial building development.
  • To advocate for housing and commercial development programs.
  • To provide input on zoning changes or building applications.
  • Advise city and developers on preferred land use as it relates to future development

Group Composition and Expectations
The NENA Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Committee can, but is not obligated to contain members from the following groups. Even if there is no representative from each of these organizations, the committee must maintain constant and open communications with each of the groups.

  • NENA Volunteers
  • NENA Staff
  • NENA Board members
  • City Inspections
  • City Council Representative
  • Police/Safe Office
  • Adjoining Neighborhood Associations
  • Nokomis East Business Association (NEBA)
  • Churches
  • Greater Minneapolis Housing Committee
  • Minority Organizations
  • Schools

Monthly meetings with the Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Committee will take place at a regularly scheduled time to fit with member’s schedules.  Up to 2 additional hours will be needed weekly to work toward committee projects and initiatives.   Special meetings can be called by members and a yearly review will be conducted. The chair of committee will be elected by committee members for a term of not more than one (1) year.   

The NENA Board of Directors is responsible for providing high level oversight to the NENA Housing, Commercial &  Streetscape Committee.  The chair of the NENA Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Committee is responsible for bringing proposals for all major housing, commercial and streetscape initiatives to NENA Board of Directors for a vote, discussion and question. Proposals should describe any relevant and expected costs, timelines, prerequisites, risks or concerns that should be considered by the Board of Directors when voting on a particular initiative.  Upon an affirmative Board vote in favor of a given initiative, the Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Committee will meet to discuss the implementation details of that initiative.  The chair, or chair approved member of the Housing, Commercial & Streetscape Committee will provide regular updates and recommendations to the NENA Board Members, Staff or other NENA Committees in order to support NENA’s goals, events, and mission.

Sample Initiatives
The following is a small sample of initiatives that the NENA Housing, Commercial &Streetscape Committee could possibly undertake.  These are provided for the consideration of the board in determining the need for the creation of this committee and are not an actual agenda:

  • Review building proposals within the NENA  neighborhood
  • Develop policies for allocation of monies for housing, commercial and Streetscape projects
  • Monitor the execution of housing, commercial and Streetscape projects
  • Establish partnership with other groups for advancement of housing and commercial stock and coordinate the execution of joint projects
  • Solicit input from the neighborhoods to identify the issues that may be of concern to our members
  • Develop program to inform NENA members about the assistance that may be available to help solve their housing, commercial, Streetscape concerns
  • Identify and advocate for future projects in relation to neighborhood housing, commercial and Streetscape within NENA neighborhood. This includes working with city planners on projects within NENA boundaries

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